New York Fashion Pilgrimage!

Since a friend and I were back on the east coast visiting family for the holidays, we decided to plan a trip into New York to visit the newest location of Baby, The Stars Shine Bright. The more we talked and planned for the trip, the more it felt like we were going on an epic journey!

We started out our trip with a visit to Mood Fabrics which was a short walk from Penn Station. With all the amazing fabrics and trim, we were both a bit overwhelmed. I found this GORGEOUS printed silk, which I was really tempted to get…Maybe next time!

After Mood, we made our way to Laduree’s Soho location. The window displays were absolutely spectacular, and upon entering, it felt as though we had somehow found ourselves in Paris.

Joan also snapped a few more shots of the displays:

We both ordered omelets and shared some truffled potatoes. If you get a chance to eat here, get them. Seriously, they were so good!!!

We also ordered some super delicious pastries! Mine was sort of like a cream puff with whipped cream infused with rose water, and Joan got what looked like a super fancy(and huge) macaron:

After brunch, we stopped by their gift shop to pick up a few treats for friends and family. Then, it was a short walk to Tokyo Rebel and Baby, The Stars Shine Bright!

We weren’t allowed to take pictures in the store, but we snapped a few of their super cute window displays.

Joan got a bunch of great accessories, and I tried to be good but ended up getting a Jsk, blouse, and sweater…All of which are becoming some of my favorite pieces to wear.

I also forgot to snap a picture of my outfit, but here’s an image of everything I wore.

It was a super magical day, and I hope we’ll be able to do it again the next time we find ourselves visiting friends and family. Have you ever been on an epic fashion adventure with friends? Where did you go, or what did you do?

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