A Date W/Blythe

A few weeks ago was my first gallery show!!!! Two weeks prior, I had found out from a friend that they were still looking for artists for Tiny Dodo Gallery’s gallery show: A Date W/Blythe. The show featured prints and merch from artist Mab Graves, and a bunch of local artists including me! The venue was a super cute cafe and gallery space that has a very cozy, lofty vibe. All creations are also currently for sale/auction on the Tiny Dodo Gallery website here,  and a percentage of profits are being donated to the Seattle Children’s hospital, so be sure to check them out if you couldn’t make it to the show!

There were so many dolls on display! Here are some shots of some of my favorites!

It was great seeing a bunch of friends, and fellow lolita too! Everyone was super cute!


I ended up creating 3 outfits for the show based on Snow White, Cinderella, and Red Riding Hood. This was my first time making clothes for Blythe dolls. It was challenging, but also tons of fun! I can’t wait to make more clothes, and maybe even a custom Blythe sometime in the future. :)

You can check out the final pieces here(Snow white) here(Red Riding hood) and here(Cinderella).

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